Can you imagine how it feels to be drowning and never die?
To be moving & go nowhere, to tell the the truth & be told its a lie
Do you know how it feels to be sick with no cure? In love and unsure?
So confused...Not a love, not a friend,
not your soul down within can help the suffering
of this emotional abuse.
Now...disconnected from life, love and laughter
Couldn't find what you originally sought after
Dazed and confused, while they all seem so amused
And this really doesn't help because
you yourself don't know what to do
But..I won't blame anyone for the choices I've made
I just need someone willing to help me ride this wave
I want to be the one able to say I've made it this far
Be proud of all the stories behind all my scars
But how can I do this alone, with no one to welcome me home?
With no one genuinely proud, I can't see how this is even allowed.
I want to yell, I want to scream, I want to be free from reality
I want to be closer to a dream engulfed in solfeggio frequencies.
I want to see colors everywhere and unicorns flying through the air
Rainbows painted all around, music notes floating to the sounds
& then I wake up, & that fast I decide it's easier to just give up

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