Timeless Beauty

I could live off of your smile
I would do just fine having to run 3 million miles
No stopping if I knew I'd see you at the end of the journey
I'd stand in 250 degrees of Celsius burning
If I knew I'd get to see your beautiful soul shining and
glowing in the sky like its own star
I wouldn't mind talking for 65 hours id do it just to let you
know how amazing you are
Do you know how many thoughts
crossed my mind of you or have you just not thought that far
Have you came to the realization that I'm
solely in love with your imperfections
And tht I wasn't so interested in everything
there is to know about you because I was looking for perfections
But I had found you who was beautifully imperfect
I don't remember the way to your beautiful soul I need directions
I know I'm not perfect but isn't that what made me pretty I know I
have changes to make decisions and corrections
And that I'm barely breathing now because I was gazing
into your eyes off of misconception
So before you decided that I was looking for all the wrong
things You shoulda allowed me to show you your
beautiful flaws and how beautiful it sings
Because it's different and it leaves an everlasting
addicting attraction that never leaves so lingering.
Which lead me Back to the beautiful smile of yours
The one that could change a persons soul and distract the
smartest genious into pure abstraction and allure.

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