Timeless Fruit

The satin tree scrapes the sky impending on snatching the heavens
Swallowing every symphony of the
grandfather tick-tocks with a branched mouth
Its fruit diamond in the pressurized palms of woman
Over time the jeweled metamorphosis turns
The hands of a servant into the hands of an owner
The tree and the woman
Bearing fruit, child, blood
Reproduction Reinvention Reincarnation
God was but a supernatural man subjugating sinners
to an inflamed eternity, with an nuclear flick of the thumb

With eyes smoked with crystallized judgement
like the moon immersed in curled clouds
the serpent with a raspy flick of the tongue
played devil's advocate for maternal sake
And brought the tree and the woman into secrets of overthrow
What is a man without a woman to breed
What is a god without a nature to fulfill
The silken wood bled an apple
The sap streaming without time, dense with victory
How Helen was given to Paris because of a golden apple
and set millions of men against each other
How the sky holds the circle of the sun
Does Eve hold the diamond apple in her hands
A red crucifix orb of rebellion for all of time

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