Times are changing

Times are changing

Ego, inflated by compressed vanity
Is a painful bane of our humanity
The root of trumpery and inanity

It can’t be popped by the pin of truth
The believers can never be sooth
They are blind, cynical or uncouth

The ego is self-centred—prone to self-praise
So they follow, denying the truths it betrays
Repeating the rhetoric and catchphrase

Only they are right; there can be no debate,
They threaten, they hound, insult and berate
Times are changing to intolerance and hate

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Key Words : Ego, vanity, trumpery, inanity, truth, intolerance, hate

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is based on what I see going on in the world today. I have difficulty understanding why we can’t seem to stop it.