Time’s Arrow Flies and Yet Seems to Stand Still

This dark and uneventful Valentine’s Day,
As rain beats broken rhythms on the windowpanes,
I’m sitting here again, composing
Awkward poems to rhyme with pictures,
Exploring forking paths of thought
Through dense, elusive woods of words,
The endless, hopeless quest for what I want to say,
In search of something solid, something still.
My thoughts stray off those worn-out paths to you,
So far away. As images of us race through my mind,
I find myself confused, lost in a maze of reveries,
Traces of our lives together, all that’s left
Of you and me. Searching for the better times,
Forgetting all the bitter times. But memories can’t
Erase or change reality, the crushing, catastrophic
Lies, deceit, regret. I don’t ask for forgiveness,
and I know you can’t forget. Still, I hold out hope
That somewhere, somehow on our separate journeys
Through this raging sea of feelings, at some as yet
Uncertain point for you and me, our parallel paths
May once more fuse together, and you might see
How much we really care, how rich our lives could be,
With love that cannot kill us both, but only set us free.

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Poem written to the woman I loved and lost.