Time’s Frost

All the days which have passed
Winter’s frost turned to rain
Birds flew north once again
Yet, my heart is still frozen

Always smiling through teary eyes
Living each day in a sleep-like state
Trying to forget what I can no longer remember
Escaping pain with pseudo laughs
I’m fooling only myself

Lying awake watching shadows dance
Remembering you by my side
Wondering who holds you now
Wishing you’d still think of me
Our parting was just, the reasons are true
Now alone I search for happiness
Didn’t I have it once?

When is happy real
How do we know it’s true
Is happiness always fleeting
Or can there be more
If searching is only half the battle
When did I miss the other half

The biggest question of all,
If we parted because of love wasn’t true
Why are you still on my mind
After all the days which have passed

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