Times & Seasons


In God's measure all seasons
Ebb and flow, like moving sand
In an hour glass of time
So too life ebbs and flows
In the unity of minutes, hours and days
And the years flow and ebb forward
Sifting through the hour glass of time
Enchanted by times and seasons
As a woman's beauty
Fall gives way to Winter
And Winter to Spring
And as times hour glass
Sifts through the moments
So Spring merges into Summer
And the cycle again ebbs and flows
Until the times and seasons
Are spent in the man
And gently his life ebbs
And life flows from the man
His mortal hours on earth have passed
The angels take him home
Such are the times and seasons
Of mortals like the passing
Of a summer's breeze
A wisp of life in the mortal passing of mankind , a time & season!

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