Time's up

Clouds beneath my feet, rainbows for halos over the heads of the chosen

Looking below into the hearts that became frozen and corroded

No longer trusting me but they depend on potions

When I was there I gave them faith by walking on water

I silenced the storm and still they created ones in their life

I promised if they're for me then I'm for them and they won't have to fight

But these doctrines they're offering satisfies their desires

But the road they choose to follow ends in a cul-de-sac of fire

It breaks my heart to see this happen, sitting in the throne room

I knew it would take place but didn't realize it would be this soon

Love seems non existent and groups were made to hate me

They needed something to see so they made statues to replace me

Grounds swallowed their ancestors so I came for forgiveness

And all I asked was for them to do is pray and practice repentance

A few still believe but sometimes I'm on their mind

Other times it's on crime and wondering if I'm lying

So I got to give the order for the trumpet to be sounded

For the ones that kept the faith and stayed spirituality grounded

All the wars and bad weather must come to a halt

For the ones that understood the price in which they were bought

I can't keep them waiting their cares was cast upon me

I keep hearing my name cried because the powers that be

Control the masses by brainwashing the leaders to rid me, but my last words will be my first warning, surely I come quickly

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