Tim’s flight to paradise

To Xanadu my dear friend Tim will fly,
One on earth and not in the sky,
As “true” do his many dreams come,
Sharing here only but some,
His three seeds all true and upright,
Sterling trophies of his life’s fight,
To enrich the world with people of worth,
Those in his care since their birth,
Add to that all his other kin,
Who with wisdom and love he forgives most sin,
As for his hearts desires, lest we forget,
How the path has been set,
With a special someone joining his story,
Bringing to it much glory,
And light to where there was darkness,
Rivers to where there was parchness,
As for me, what to say,
I could speak the whole long day,
Of a man whose imprint on my heart,
Has no end and no start,
Who has been a teacher, a rescuer and a friend,
Whose compassion and humanity has no end,
So as he enters his own Xanadu,
And beyond sharing my undying thanks for me to do,
Some more Coleridge words for me to reprise,
By saying that I hope he gets to drink the milk of Paradise.

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