Tiny Shoulders

They ask me tiny shoulders what do you know?
I say I know that the grass will never be greener on the other side,
I know that too our leaders war is more important than the future of our kind
I know that the people who are supposed to represent me don't want to see my alive
I know that I will never get to feel the joy of knowing my sistas might die
I know that I need bulletproof backpacks if I want to feel at ease
I know that in the end we probably won't last
I know that the people who can protect me might be my worst fright.
And they ask why we can't sleep at night, well you double my size,
But how'd my load get twice as high,
You ask us tiny shoulders to hold our heads high look at the sky.
Well sadly the sky isn't blue no more the ground suddenly looks much warmer now
Happiness is close but heaven is closer, so ask yourself how much weight do you put on tiny shoulders.

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