Tion (Shun) “Thinking. Is. Often. Neglected”

Brazen generalization will kill you slowly like radiation
Words of inflammation meant to divide a civilization
With an “anti” justification disguised as discrimination
A biased education on a people’s exploitation
A fruitless frustration leading only to isolation
A dedication to suspicion from twisted reputations

Armed with feckless intimidation that sows desolation
With a flare of indignation to the past generations
The blanket accusations swell from sour fixations

When your born into an affiliation and met with condemnation
When pushed into a classification for the purpose of separation
When raised with the hybridization of your culture and your nation

You’re told your immigration needed rehabilitation
You’re told your integration will be your salvation
You’re given a location but must never leave your station

After all,
It’s your obligation to adhere to indoctrination
It’s your characterization that needs modification
It’s just your orientation which requires sedation

While you’re delegation creates contamination
While your congregation invites confrontation
While your accumulation leads to agitation

If you resist there will be interrogation
If you restrain there will be accusation
If you rebel there will be termination

You have a personal identification yet to them, still guilty by association
For how can their fears measure against your tribulations
Hopefully the next generation will have enough information,
To create a better foundation that will end victimization

Because, to generalize the tribes of humanity will always be our greatest humiliation.

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