They abuse stipulations.
Mixed with regulations.
To quell uprising congregations.
And subdue separate nations.
To bring common denominations.
Together under false allegations.
Tattered with agonizing damnations.
Spread by controlled publications.
Promoting unfounded accusations.
They attempt to destroy educations.
Force-feed youth untested medications.
Hoping they lose comprehensions.
Of continuing painful conditions.
Living in complete degradations.
Pumped full of communications.
Unaware of the proper questions.
To break from draining institutions.
Hyped on the latest televisions.
That programs culture divisions.
Deeper than the past envisions.
Future attains rougher dimensions.
Holding high dangerous realizations.
The need to remove lower subsections.
Engrained in the newest innovations.
Cleansing society's populations.
Eugenics taken to extreme devotions.
All in the name of natural selections.

When do emotions end rationalizations?

Feelings can’t stop the final solutions.
Unless we start the revolutions.
To make all have their redemptions.
And live without trepidations.
Rejecting evil temptations.
Accepting positive reincarnations.
Shedding all the icy delusions.
To embrace the warm loss of confusions.
To avoid eminent destructions.
We come together under loving motions.
After all, we're just simple creations.
Life spans leading to decompositions.
So let’s make common decisions.

Not fractal incisions.

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