A Sleep So Good

Lately I have been feeling down. Not the type of down where you know why; it's the type of down where I don’t know how to name what is wrong with me. There is a burning in my chest, and ache so powerful it makes my body shrivel to my core. I miss what it feels like to be free. Free of this feeling that chains me to my bed. Free of the frown that is stamped onto my face. How to rid my body of this feeling is beyond me. Being with people is just a distraction, listening to music only makes my head louder and eating never fills the void of which grows everyday. I’m so tired, but maybe being tired is just an excuse. Maybe the day I broke down and lost my shit was really how I feel everyday when i’m not pretending to be okay. Shocking my family to the point in which I say I’m okay, just tired. I’m just tired so tired so very tired I could die. So tired that my heart may skip a beat or slow to a beat so quite the machines don’t even pick it up. I just need some sleep, a sleep so good I never wake up. A sleep that doesn’t wake up.

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Created on the day in which I lost my shit.