A puzzle that the pieces don't seem to want to fit together anymore.
A suit of armor that seemed impenetrable has now begun to fade and warp.
A great strong statue that had a hairline crack now has what looks like an intricate web spread out all across it.
A once tall building now has crumbling walls, and there's no telling when it may fall.
What do these images have to do with me?
What are the similarities?
The puzzle pieces of myself just don't seem to want to fit together anymore.
The armor I built around myself so many years ago doesn't seem to be able to take as many blows as it used to. I find myself on the ground in pain more and more, instead of being able to leave the battleground in what I believed to be unscathed.
The strong image, like the statue, that I try to portray doesn't seem to hold up to scrutiny. You can see all the cracks it would seem more clearly.
And the walls I had built just don't seem to be able to hold me up anymore.
I'm very tired you see.
Tired of trying to keep the peace.
Tired of trying to make things happy.
Tired of feeling like I'm the only one trying.
Just tired of trying so hard and not feeling like I'm getting any relief.
Now do you see the similarities between the images and me?

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