If I say yes then he say no
For me no input what he says goes
I try to over speak and he jumps at me
i flinch back and now I see
I'm tired of this, sick and threw
My heart was great and now it's chewed
I stuck around threw good and bad
Just to know i'm tired of being sad
I'm tired of being bossed around
I'm no child I'll hold my ground
I have a mouth and tongue like you
If i want then i'll say something to
I'm tired OK fed up know more
Watch me pack and open the door
The door to freedom and happiness
cause I fill more of your fist then of your kiss
I'm tired, i'm tired OK
No there's no baby don't leave baby please stay
I have found my feet my mouth and tongue
I'm not afraid to breath I have found my lungs
I'm me no longer your last name
It's a shame I let you keep me tame
I'm speaking up for this day on
For now and forever I shall stand strong
I speak and say don"t call me a liar
When I say i'm done i'm tired of being tired

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