Tired by Tammy Strong

im at that age where
should feel lucky to be alive
but to tell you the honest truth
im sincerely ready to take a dive

Tired of all the fakers and the haters
The Backstabbers and sex feins
People who you think are building you up
But secretly trying to ruin your dréams

Tired of the dumbasses
To high keep a thought
Leave it up to them
theýli stay dumb until they roght

Tred of all liars
Dont matter what they're talking about
they cant seem to tell the truth
No matter what the subject is abaut

Tred of all the thieves
They steal from me right in my face
I honestly just don't get it
Its simply a fucking disgrace

Tired of all the cheaters
Cheating in even the littlest things
Not just talking about relationships
Talking about whatever life has to bring

Im tired of being tired
Im tired of what I see
Tired of what my ears hear
Im tired of being me

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I feel like im the last of my kind. Loyal, honest, real