Tired Dreamers

Once again, they lay their sleepy head
Unaware of all the fright
Sent somewhere else, that everyone knows
But sometimes, they're are few who are left opposed

They lie in the darkness of the night
Waiting for the sun to arise
To hear the birds sing
"Wake up darling, it's time to rise!"
They sit up, without a sigh
Only to stare, into a dark future
Where their minds are corrupt and weak
But no one questions, how was your week?

Their silent talk travels the land
To the stars and to the motherland
Yet no one knows a single soul
Who screams to the void
Without a single sound

Where they left off, we pick up
Finishing their day, out of luck
They lie once again, to their bed again
To watch their life go on
Even with the help of their friends
They simply can't find the will to live again.

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