Tired Eyes

Through these tired eyes
I can see all the beauty before me
The hope in a child's eyes
The brightness in their laughter and smilies.
Through these tired eyes
My view of this world has changed
I once thought I could save everyone
Now I'm in the fight of my life.
Through these tired eyes
Some days are clear and crisp
Others are blurry, much of if missed.
I spend my days reminiscing with friends
Of times I shall never see again.
Through these tired eyes
I see you all smile through the tears,
Not wanting me to see your fears.
Brave faces and laughs
For my time is fading fast.
Through these tired eyes
I'll see your faces one last time
As you were all here, by my side
Bringing light to my darkest time.
Twhrough your tired eyes
You will lay me to rest
And this will hurt,
I must confess.
But my friends, family, & all the rest.
Take comfort & do not mourn over me
Forever close by is where I will be
Watching over you as you watched over me.
For this isn't goodbye, it's until we meet again.....

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