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Tired of loving

I’m tired of loving—
Tired of heartbreaks
It seems I’m in love all by myself
My affection going to waste…
Love—such a dangerous word!
It hits—like blunt trauma!
And leaves you in a state of peril
It’s the eyes—it’s always the eyes!
Or maybe it’s the smile?
Never the smile
It’s a smirk in disguise
But it’s too late…
I said I’m tired of love
But love loves me
It’s my punishment for my handsomeness
And the troubadour inside of me
Though I’m no fool
I fool around with love
And as I lay on love’s pyre
My soul burns for more
But I’m tired of this enigma
I’m tired of the pitfalls
But the greatest lie I told
Was that I’m tired of loving…

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    The title speaks for itself…