Tired Smile

You look at me, you smile
You tell me how amazing I am
You tell me to never change
You always say hi when I walk by
You tell me you love me, but why?
I knock and your door never opens
I ask you to lunch and you never show
Messages are read but go unanswered
You turn to go and leave me there standing alone
I go above and beyond for you, you're there, then where?
You probably don't even realize it
You don't even see how much it hurts
It's like a punch to the heart
A heart that loves so much that it is willing to break for you
But my heart is getting tired
It's worn out from being alone
I'm afraid one day it will turn dark
My world is starting to fall apart, don't you see?
You hurt me more than you'll ever know
This hurt you will never see, because I hide it within me
I hide it behind my smile and care for you
This pain I feel, you will never know, I love you so.
I will never ever give up on you
I will never watch you hurt
I will never let you be alone
If you need someone, I'll be there, for you.

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