Tired Tires

By Rader   

Ten steps.
Concrete. Black asphalt that contains tons of unwanted secrets all
further and further underground
along with my mother.
The dark sky slaps my face, blinding me of my surroundings.
The town is silent. Silence is the town.
My feet are moving, but my body is still.
My thoughts are developing, but my mind has shut off.
I lie down.
Good-night little girl.
I hear his voice whisper in my ear
And I see he continues to take off his clothes.
Concrete cradles my neck.
My hair scatters.
My eyes close.
My body sprawls out,
Once innocent
Good-night, little girl.
I see the light coming
Good-night, little girl.
I feel rough tires moving across my body
Releasing my final breath:

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