Tis thy love of thee I need

Tis thy love that guided my path
Through the darkness of my past
For through thy angelic light
Thee hast given me new hopes and dreams
But now I can see the curse I hold within which
Overbroad’s my heart with a world full of hate and pain
For a grate heart-throb sent instant tears into my eye’s
For thee hast vanished from my life …
I now know that no man can drive my sorrows astray,
Nor change the outcome of my destiny
So I shall lay here till I die for my soul has already left me

As I take my last breath I look to the sky and said.
O lord ,give me new birth, and put me back upon this earth
For I know with thy help my soul shall soar again
And be stronger then ever before
For now I see tis thy love of thee I need.

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