Tish Jones

Only met her once when I was 18 back in 2009 at The Capri Theater on West Broadway. This woman changed my life.

Some of you may know I write poetry but none of you really know what poetry is to me. And at 18, I felt the love had for it was gone. But when I heard the way this woman delivered her poetry, made me fall in love again in a new way. And honestly ever since that day I never wrote another poem the same way. And on that day I finally knew what type of poet was. I finally knew what type of poetry connected to my mind heart body and soul.

Even though my heart will never forget her voice her name or her face, I can guarantee she doesn't remember me but that's perfectly fine with me because the night at The Capri it was more so of a hi small chit chat and bye encountering. But what I do remember is, in that same year she walked my high school halls and when my best friend told me, at that moment I wished I was in Health Careers. Just so I could sit her presence and absorb her knowledge one more time. Didn't know what she was there for and didn't care, that how deep my infatuation was with her.

But the funny thing about it is I never took the time or looked for the opportunities to get to know her poems or feel her words as she speaks to me through whatever YouTube video I could find. I guess her spitting that one poem on that one night was just enough was all I needed to have my poetic flame be reignited.

She introduced me to a new poetic rhythm called Spoken Word. Now my words are more than just letters put together. They have a heart beat they have a soul they begin to breathe and now my mind has the freedom to lose control. My quick tongue can match my freestyle writing style. I can finally groove to me feel me in a way I never thought possible.

It's like on that night she torn down my dams and my blood began to flow into the oceans of my untapped inspiration. She showed me a way to mimic the voice in my mind ..uh... REWIND, I promise I'm not crazy. I just never felt poetry the way I did when I heard her speak. And ever since that one night when I write and I spit my rhythms I never feel so alive so in tune with my inner being.

She gave another never ending tune for my spirit can dance to. And honestly I couldn't re recite the poem she wrote, I mean I think a line was "I keep my pad in my pocket so the flow is in my jeans" It wasn't the words in her poem that captured me but the personality the emotions the gentle fierceness in her voice let me know my heart has one too and has been dying to speak to me.

So ever since our first encounter at the Capri Theater another silent poems has never slipped my ink tip. I only met her once but that woman made me believe in falling in love when hearing it for the first time.

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