You can’t be on the sinking ship forever
The once glorious ship that was invincible and indestructible
The ship that offers a new hope
It was something we were willing to take a chance on
But one event, one moment, caused a huge gash in its stable structure
Suddenly, we find ourselves holding onto something we knew was sinking
We were holding onto that hope, that promise and future we were once promised, to the life we once wanted
I sank, I sank as you decided to let go
I decided to hold on, hold onto that once piece of life I didn’t want to let go
But after a while, I knew, I knew I had to get on that life boat without you
I knew I had to cross that unknown, cold and dark ocean without you
I had to find some type of future without you now
I knew I had to leave a part of my heart in the ocean with you
So I could continue to live a life without you

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