Rules for survival, have no rival,
shed no tears, show no fear.
Don't cry nor weep, risk the leap.
As you seep from existence always have resistance.
Don't let them know or you just might go.
Have faith and hope. Cope with the pain.
They see right through you as if you were never there to begin with.
Don't let them get to you...
their words hit the brain and will drive you insane, but show no pain.
Act as if nothing hurts you .....stay strong.
The weak may stumble, but it's they who will crumble.
They who mumble, carelessly without a clue, who knew what a single word could do.
They don't know the life you live, as you strive to fight the pain, the agony of the past back to haunt.
They don't know your troubles and struggles, yet they choose to forsake you with their prejudice.
Until they awaken you better keep faith in yourself, and love what is within you.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a person experience bullying and they feel like their whole world has turned on them.