Title Unknown

What if I could delete the feeling of you inside of me?
Now, wouldn't that be wonderful?
For you it felt right, but you infected me;
a future full of insecurities.
You live in satisfaction, but I remain cold.
You poisoned the blood of my innocence
and my head will not shake your scent.
I force myself to think that I'm alright,
but you broke me into little pieces that night.
I hate the reflection of you.
A reason that I use
pills just to swallow the truth of the abuse.
You will NEVER touch me again,
but I bet you still snicker silently.
You stole my self-worth so violently.,
Tears of fear with no way out.
Under the carpet you swept my shouts.
I want to fucking kill you.,
I do not go out alone,
afraid to face the unknown.
My mind is a hell, not a home.
There's a bruising to my bones,
brutalized from the stones
that you forced into me to carry.
Fuck you and fuck this pin.
I will never be the same.

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