Overseen and understood,
Apocalypse of the mind,
Creativity at your fingertips,
You're one of a kind,
In a sweet sense of clarity,
You're on my mind,
I climb out the window in your arms,
And let the past fall behind,

I see green I see red I see blue,
And all the colors they're reminding me of you,
I see red I see red I see you,
But the blues inside of me it keeps me cool,
Keep a cool head, now I'm in a cool bed,
You played me for a fool, I'm a tool in your tool-shed,
Can't get a word in, edge wise,
So I say it all with my dead eyes,
Break apart then we put each other back together,
A million different ways and each and every one is ever better,
We did what we came here for,
And now I'm look back at you from the bedroom door,

You're attention gets me high now,
I'm living in the sky now,
I'm loving in the bed of the Angels,
In the cradle of your eyes,

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