To a Chamber and a Chase

Breath seems to remove itself in this quickened pace,
holding time still, infinite moments within this infinite space,
still whispering, whispering, "Succumb to the chase."

The revival of the light pulls me near,
for all those whispers, still deaf to my ear,
to all who know this stifling fear.

Engulfed by the cold embrace of this chamber
where, for infinity's remainder,
I shall look to find my own, and name her.

The cage expands with promise, sentiments fleeting;
the quivering comes with ache and euphoria meeting,
so the heart, the heart, keeps right on beating.

I've surrendered it to her in a hopeful plea,
that all I am shall be marked by sympathy,
for in our heart of hearts, we know what shall be.

I grow tired now of this blackened place,
as my breath falls ceaselessly into the endless race,
charting a course to end this chase,
wherein I succumb to the whisper's call to quicken the pace.

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