To a Lost Girl

I am a lost girl on my own.
Living in a home with many souls.
But no one sees me for who I am.
Just a lost girl, dreaming plans.

"Lost girl, lost girl," they say to me.
"Don't try leaving. It's you we need."

So, I'm still a lost girl stuck right here.
Wishing I could just disappear.
Instead I'll wait more, for a change.
Waiting for my life to rearrange.

"Run, run, lost girl," I say to me.
"Who are you kidding? It's you they need."

So, I'll be a lost girl.
Always sitting quietly right by the door.
Breathing slowly, without a sound.
Waiting for the day when I am found.

Lost girl, lost girl.
I'll pray for you.
I wish there was more that I could do.
But I'm just a lost girl on my own.
Living in a world, all alone.

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