To A Minor Victim

My poem is to a minor who was a victim of a viscous crime.
I was once just like you my world at age twelve was destroyed by a stranger.
The court sentenced him to twenty six years in prison.
At the trial they called me his victim but I didn't understand what that meant.
I was only twelve years old when I was kidnapped the defendant was thirty six.
Even though people told me that it wasn't my fault.
In my mind I kept trying to figure out what did I do
to deserve being treated so cruel.
My family went from one day being happy to the next day being so sad
I saw there pain and I blamed myself for everything.
For the man that hurt me I have no mercy.
He showed none to me as I begged him to set me free.
When your traumatized in such a cruel way.
You want to forget it and act as though it never happened and hide your pain
But the pain and fear that you feel will never just go away.
The memories that you have they wont change.
To protect another child from being hurt by him like I was.
I faced him in the courtroom and told what he had done.
Counseling can help you and in so many ways.
It can help you to move on with your life and understand what happened.
You need to tell the people that love you what you went through.
So they will be able to understand and help you.
Don't be ashamed for what the defendant made you do.
It's not your fault it's nothing that you done wrong.
Dont beleive anything the defendant said he is the evil one.
What happen to you was a crime commited by an adult
nobody has the right to hurt you and the court will
punish him for what he done.
Please don't do as I did and be to afraid to speak.
You don't half to suffer all alone.
And please don't ever doubt for just one moment

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