To a Monster

When people heard what you did,
They said, "He must have been bad from the start,"
But you weren't; you were shining and kind,
The type of person you'd think that you'd love forever.
I'd always thought that when the person you love
Does something horrific,
You hate them,
As you only could do for such a monster.
But when I heard those noises, those awful noises,
I could only pray for the best.
And when I saw the blood on your hands,
I did not see the monster in which you'd become;
I saw the one I loved as I always had,
The shining and kind person,
Now painted black with the pain you inflicted.
Even now, with all I've seen--
Families torn in two and friends never to return--
I can't accept it,
That this was you,
Your legacy, your wish, your actions.
I've always loved you,
And I can't help it,
But I often ask myself,
What kind of person can love a monster?

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