To All Sons

To all sons, at first you can't understand while in this world
you would become a man.The pressure that you will endure
is like someone slamming the door, pick up your head and
stand very tall; for your a kid now and don't know it all.
You must learn to listen and stay very Calm, for the world
has its rules that you must learn. Nor gun or knife or stick
can help. If you stay calm, you can help yourself.
Now you've reached your teens halfway there you've turn so
mean in every way. Money is all that's on the mine, your only
thirteen and thinking of dieing; friends are pushing,
shoving and fighting, mothers aren't loving unless they have
too, fathers aren't there it does matter, to have someone to
look up after. Don't be discouraged, I'm on your side, it's all in
your mine to do what you have to. You don't have to die!!!
Now you reached twenty-one, you don't need a knife, stick
or gun. the mine you had when first born has now expanded
and you know the laws. Now that your a full grown man no
time for games just time to expand

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