To All the Dreamers

The sun was slipping beneath the horizon
The clouds became heavy and faded out
The stars twinkled under the moonlight
Though everything was changing, one thing remained
The shouting in this house, the fighting, and crying
The perfect house on the street
My life not a true masterpiece like the midnight sky
The yells from downstairs snapped me back into reality
I took a step back from the window
A silent tear slipped down my cheek
Angry footsteps sounded up the stairs
Followed by yelling
There wasn't much time until he came for me
To end this nightmare

A dreamer; I was a dreamer in this nightmare
"Help me," I whispered to the stars who listened

Just as the door opened, I flung myself out the window
Warm air comforted my body as the stars sng to me
The sparkle faded and I was surrounded by faint darkness

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