To All The Ones I Ever Loved

If one day I were suddenly taken from you
Would you be ok and what would you do

The days I ever sat and cried for something you did
Was always and forever a memory I'd rather keep hid

Did you ever love me back or was it all just me
And if that's true why not leave and let me be

What bad love did you so terribly wrong
That I paid the price of them all along

We're by the unwritten rule supposed to live by
A notion of never carrying baggage but don't, "why?"

At first I was none the wiser to this being so
Until one day heartbroken I finally let you go

How long was I supposed to wait for you to finally see
Not anything or anyone else' mistakes but just me

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This Poems Story

My repetitious cycle of bad breakups with angry men because of something someone else did to them.