To All Who I Have Loved Like This

She had a laugh that sent her back into her seat
Janis with her long hair and hand over her face
That’s how I knew I’d made her happy
When the giggle happened on the intake of breath
As though pulling the whole world into her lap
To laugh with her

She had kind eyes when she came to find me
Having cried in the bathroom
Lucie smiled as she kissed me
Loved all of me she said
Even the parts I didn’t want her
To see yet

She had lips that didn’t behave
Marie slipped words across me
Oil slick
Set aflame
A rolling boil
Then fell feather-light and hummed sweet nothings
In the small death
In the rebirth

She sparked her words on mine
Anna with her sharp mind
Worlds I didn’t know existed
Flashing on the edge of her bladed tongue
Small town girl having the bubble burst
The full spectrum of colour laced in every new syllable

And there was You.
And You.
And You.
And You.

And no one else.

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