When you have the power, when you have the space ,
when you put the characters right in place,
and you christen them with all grace.
When you array their destiny and all other fates,
when you torment them and give them pain,
and you yourself feel every bit of it with all your faith.

When you build a palace and an abyss for other,
you are purely obsessed with each case.
When you try to find logic underneath,
and then you try to fit in the shores you yourself made.

When you put the lucid mask on truth and facts
In each artifice you create,
society enjoys your art while you observe them and impersonate.

When you reject yourself a thousand times,
you correct, edit and recreate
When you find yourself in doubts and feel inadequate
gather the courage to jot it down,
there is no loss it’s no race.

It’s not a thing you can learn, it’s not a thing you can earn.
It’s a seed within when you practice it germinates.

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