To An Old Woman

The trouble is, I see your pain
And it fills me up with disdain-
And something like pity, though I refrain
From showing it to you
(And I'm scared, honestly
Because I know someday I'll
get there, too.)

I can see the proud cant of your chin
Though your bones are aching thin
Though there's wrinkles in your skin
And I know to keep my eyes to the floor
And not burning at the back of your neck
Know to move up in line, keep from staring
As you hobble out the door
Because once you were also young
And maybe you too stood in line
Checking the Time
Waiting to pay for Dawn and toiler paper
And felt a stirring of sorrow..fear.disgust
For an old woman with white hair
And afterwards peered at your young skin in mistrust-
Looking for crow's feet or frown lines-
And hoped, against hope, you'd never get there.

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