To B.d.

Every morning when I wake, I check my phone, just in case.
Then out of bed I start my day
By shaking off dreams where you speak my name,
And walls are built where you once roamed free,
Because memories have a way of smothering me.
Why are you different? And why can't I be, too?
Ever since we met why have I only lived for you?
And why'd you come back just to run away?
And why am I still hoping you'll come back home to stay?

Love is patient, but it's never been kind.
Love is a fight to keep you off my mind.
You're destined to leave me again and again,
But with wide open arms I welcome you back in.
I know who you are. I know you're not bad,
And every season with you is the best I ever had.
But plants wither and flowers die,
And with these dead dreams I will curl up and cry.

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