to be a god after the dust settles

if i could be any god, i would be Death.
disclaimer before:
i am not a god and i am not
pretending to be as powerful as that power.
but if i could be a god of any kind,
Death seems to scream into me.

the gods mutter and talk big, but when they are
no longer bled for all they're worth,
they fade. Death remains though, something that is
not fading continues residence over our shoulders.
Death does not whisper to us.
it has no need to.

everything expires one day, even the gods.
Death survives for the oxymoron of existence:
Death decaying with the multitude of gods, corroding.
its own demise will bring it back,
cursed to live forever.
long after the gods have all died out, the humans
kill each other, and the animals succumb to
the fear of it all.

can i take it back now?
i just remembered how lonely a life to live
to be Death.

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