To Be a Woman

A hallowed, empty expression peers back into my eyes
A desperate soul, beaten down, that caved to this world's lies
Of what it means to be a woman, of unattainable beauty
Standards of perfection, a flawed reality
My shoulders cannot bear the world; I'm withered to the core
I give until there's nothing left, but still, the world wants more
When will I be enough? I long now to be free
My body aches, my conscience breaks under the weight of society
Of when they say if you're a woman you should be paper-thin
Because people look at the outside and disregard within
And I long to be a strong woman but I think this world is wrong
For how can I be a woman if half of me is gone?
If I let my body waste away, if I shrink to skin and bones
How can I be a woman when my spirit only groans?
Could my confidence be good enough? My love be my beauty?
Could we show the younger generations a new reality?
That your beauty isn't defined by a number on a scale
And if you're trying to please the world you're only going to fail
And there in my once lifeless eyes, a little glimpse of happiness
Because for once being a woman doesn't mean settling for less

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