to be filled


in a period of harsh calamity
i find myself constantly thinking
holding hands with my thoughts
drowning them out in drinking

why does my heart feel so empty
despite my surroundings
gratitude pinches like a needle
and loneliness never ending

i crave for that intimacy
those eyes that gaze into yours
reading your thoughts
the windows to your soul

to fall in love would be a dream
something frightening yet exciting
every glance would be magical
and a touch, a zap like lightening

i ache to fill my heart again
with someone’s soft grace
to be loved and be held
entering a heavenly place

a kiss of ecstasy
rushing through my veins
the most beautiful sound
a light whisper of my name

i’ll crave that type of magic
the one that cannot be replaced
i’ll wait for my prince charming
with his warm and soft gaze

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