To Be Happy

Pain and depression are like an obsession
you're constantly wanting to be happy
Your stuck wondering what it feels like to be happy
yet there are so many people who can explain
It feels like being in the cold on a holiday
It feels like being in the line for baptism
no matter how many times you go through it, you're still not saved
Wait this was supposed to be about what happiness feels like
Happiness is
Happiness is supposed to be
Well to be happy
It seems I've run into writer's block
because at this moment, I have no clue
For a total of nine year's I knew happiness to be you
For you constantly played the role of the cigarette
myself well I was the mini lighter
But it wasn't until you died that I finally saw the fire
To be happy some are wondering what does that mean
It means to not take for granted what you have because in the end
You're left with nothing
nine years of screaming and fun
nine great years of me driving him up a wall
And after nine years the only thing I have to remind me
The lighter you had a stroke trying to retrieve
As I told you before that lighter was me
Happiness though it may seem to be abiding
It is something that is and will always be ephemeral

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