To Be Heard

UNFETTERED( release from restraint )
I wish to be unfettered, why can't I be free.
Always feeling fettered has always been apart of me.
Always constantly searching, for that peace within .
Always searching for someone just to call a friend.
feeling like a prisoner, with shackles on my feet.
When will the day come, that I shall feel complete.
My heart has been surrounded, with chains and loneliness to.
Someday I will be unfettered what then will I do.
The first thing I shall do, is go to my God in prayer
Thanking him, for his mercy,his tender love and care.
Only then can I allow my tears,to flow freely from my eyes
Because no longer will I be fettered, by, others abuse,
hatred and their lies.
I will know longer have to worry, about the sadness
inside my soul.
Because my God, has got that covered this I have been told.
Someday he will remove, all blinders,so that I may see.
What I have been searching for,has always been here inside of me.
He will allow me to see, those people that will block my way.
He has informed me for those, people I must learn to pray.
I will learn to recognize the enemy and his awful lies.
know longer will he be able to hide from me in disguise.
Someday, I plan to see my God, and offer him my hand.
I long to hear his words to me,you have arrived
welcome to the promise land.

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