To be Seventeen

To be seventeen is to be on the brink
It’s the edge of the precipice just before the free fall
It’s my brother’s cackles at 7am on a Sunday
A sound so enraging,
Will I miss it when it’s gone?
To be seventeen is to yearn for independence
Right there it begs for me, I could graze it if I tried
But mom still separates my darks from my whites
Such a simple task,
Will I do it on my own?
To be seventeen is to be full of promise
It’s the world handed to me on a silver plated platter
It’s the first sign of spring before the flowers fully bloom
But it if never rains,
Will summer still arrive?
To be seventeen is to be a ticking time bomb
Sitting tight, so anxious for life to make its entrance
It’s being in the movie theater, waiting for the film to start
But once the lights go dim,
What is next to come?
To be seventeen is to finally understand the clock
Nothing more valuable, yet I have every second
Most things so plentiful are worth nothing at all
What a funny thing,
The paradox of life.

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