To be strong again

Life has show me it's worst side and
My pillow knows how much I cried
And now that childhood is staring me wide
And seems to ask me if I'm still alive
It knows I was strong enough to fight
And not a dumbass to sit behind
And now I have left it all aside
All those Happy moments which was once cherished
All those friendships that was once unable to perished
All those family moments which was once nourished
Are now nowhere to be seen
And even the land of fraternity..which once helped me
Is now barren to the apogee
And now I'm not what I used to be
And finally those Happy moments has vanished to hell
Those carefree eyes now faces a great befell
That free spirit has now started to tell
And that warm and soft soul has turned into a hard coal
All have made me weak as before
And something is haunting me to the core
And I'm here sitting underneath the moon
Thinking I'll be stronger soon
I know I will fight it
And I'm gonna win it
I promise to replenish
And one day I'll definitely gonna flourish....

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