To Become a Man

a man comes into knowledge of self
only after he sheds what he was formerly taught
when he can discern between society's ideas
and his own thoughts
when his will is tested beyond that which he has come to expect
when mentally he is capable to control his emotions
and resolve indecisive thoughts that come with regret
when he commands respect
when his failures don't overshadow his ambition
when whether win or lose, right or wrong
he sticks to his decisions
when life is no longer a prison
but a enormous world of opportunity
when joy is a product of aspirations
he knows he soon will see
when he displays wisdom
and need not lend his ear in order to listen
when he is seen as a lion
amongst a litter of kittens
when he becomes aware of his positions
realizing the direction towards his destiny
when he understands that the pains of the world
will not just let him free
when he can determine what he can control and that which he cannot
and when he becomes not a victim of his intuition
but a physical depiction of might

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