To Care

Why do we sit here in suffer, our world is dying.
we give away our souls to material things not knowing
that a piece of us is fading away.
Yes master, okay master, whatever you say master.
We treat metallic or plastic as if they were
our guardian deity.
As if paper or plastic can be all knowing.
As if it can show companionship or breath as
us humans do.
Only birds, bats, in insects are capable of flight.
Only dogs can bark in lion’s can growl.
We all have that particular function that best suits us.
So why can’t we just let paper be paper and plastic
be plastic.
Why do we continue to fight amongst ourselves like
raging demons.
Are we not civilize, are we not capable of peace
in understanding.
Is all we know is blood lust?
Can we change for the better like our ancestors wanted.
Can we pave away for the new generation I hope so.
As flowers cannot flourish without nourishment our
mother earth cannot flourish without peace in understanding.
But to say into do are to different things.
Are we, unaccustomed to courage.
Is our heart embedded in dark cold shells of loneliness.
Can we unexile our hearts from love.
For love is so delightful that not even
holy temple can take its shine.
Can we not liberate ourselves from chaos?
Does light not exist.
Do we not care anymore I hope we still do.

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