To Catch a Ghost

I did not seek, yet I found
A part of me I had yet to discover.
Thrust into the light a child sitting in a dark room,
I found you, you ran
From fear of disruption of your current path.
I had cracked your foundation, and you fell through,
Through the opening,
Yet you did not open your arms so that I might catch you.
Like water, you fell through the cracks in my hands,
And left pieces of you for me to hold.
To hold, until your return and I could make you whole.
You ran, I reached, you fell, I jumped.
To catch you I fell into the pits, into a dark room where now I lay.
With just a book you left behind, I cradle the cherished book.
The object you had forgotten when you left us behind.
You jumped, I feel.
To catch you, I wait.

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