To Catch A Lion By It's Toe

Goosebumps down the spine,
Mean God is kissing the soul.
What makes me different from the animals,
Exists in my Love Affair with this Universe.
My heart of a Lion once squandered;
My pale lips pursed to dead dreams,
The un-acquired childhood goals.
Reality got made of those broken pieces;
I had too many days like this.
I overplayed the moves left to right, left to right,
With nowhere else to go,
No more directions to gauge;
My pale lips kissed the emptiness.
The color washed back into my face,
While the Universe came alive again.
Shooting stars set all the possible limits,
As new dreams exploded from destruction,
And the old thoughts blasted far off into space.
My Spirit was then re-born,
For I went to kiss the Creator of all Creations.

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