To Change or Not To Change

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
On our own we could never turn the other cheek
Because we can't get ourselves out of the way
Thriving in darkness but long for the day
When we can stand tall, humble and true
And hear a familiar voice say I love you
In hope of relief from heartache and pain
But we usually just choose to stay in the rain
Because it's familiar and we feel at home
Surrounded by people yet feel all alone
Wondering if pain is all we can feel
Begging for God to play "let's make a deal"
Saying we never want to go back again
To that place in our mind where we've always been
This time its different we really want change
But inside we know we are exactly the same
So where does it end? What do we do?
Praying and seeking yet we don't have a clue
Listening to voices we hear in our head
Wondering if it's God or if we're misled
And so the cycle begins yet again
The trials and battles of chosen men

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